About YSG Security Solutions

YSG’s monitoring capabilities cover Southern Africa and basically anywhere with a good internet connection, so we can protect your assets no matter where you are. We provide tailored solutions for large national companies, as well as small and mid-sized enterprises. We also cater for High End Residential (HER) and Estates and Complexes.

At YSG, we don’t wait for crime to happen. Audio voice-down communications provide an instant deterrent against criminal activity by letting would-be criminals know they have been spotted. The speaker alerts can send suspects running before they cause serious damage.

We react in real time, often resulting in Armed Response arriving before suspects leave your property. This preventative measure is highly effective in thwarting criminal activity, leading to more arrests and less repeat offences. Our trained operators can stay on the phone to direct reaction officers to where the incident is occurring, even providing real-time information such as description, location and activity of the suspect

Protecting Diverse Sites

We serve and protect a wide variety of sites. Our bespoke solutions means we design a solution which works for your specific environment and this attention to detail results in our client base continuing to grow.

Monitoring Thousands of Cameras

Our live video monitoring capabilities cover Southern Africa. No matter where your business is, we can protect your assets.

Save Up To 25-60% on Security and Guard Expenses

Monitored security cameras offer a superior, more thorough and reliable level of protection than human guards at a fraction of the cost.

Dedicated Monitoring Centre

Our 24/7 Live Video Monitoring centre give us around-the-clock coverage, ensuring someone is always watching your assets.

How Our Site Surveillance Works

Traditional security systems are reactive. They typically wait for a trigger to sound an alarm and alert the Armed Response AFTER criminals are already on your property. This often results in false calls, delayed response time, and a greater opportunity for criminals to perpetrate the crime and then get away.

YSG takes a proactive approach by utilising Artificial Intelligence together with Video Analytics to monitor your site. Our highly trained staff monitor key areas of your property to help prevent crimes before they happen. Predictive Artificial Intelligence allows us to watch and evaluate suspicious activity in real time.

Our trained operators activate speakers and shout an Audio Challenge at the unwanted trespassers who typically go running off your property, since they are unaware they are being watched! We call your Armed Response Provider with live reports on criminals location. We stop the Criminals BEFORE they break in or do damage.

Latest Industry Tech

Advanced video analytics and powerful hardware solutions combine to give our monitoring team the tools needed to achieve results. Our dedicated R&D team stays on top of the latest technology for our clients’ benefit.


Total Service

We monitor your entire surveillance network and provide quick and efficient maintenance support when needed.

Industry Experts

We have developed our solutions by working on thousands of projects and businesses 20+ years. Our over Team is dedicated to providing first-class customer service.

Faster Response

Our solution improves the response time of your Armed Response since the criminal detected prior to accessing your site.


In an effort to tighten security we approached YSG Security Solutions. The imaging technology employed by YSG is such that the ‘human element’ is removed, as the system automatically prompts the control room as soon as a virtual perimeter is breached. The virtual perimeter ensures there is no visual fatigue as is so often the case in standard 24/7 video monitoring.

Stewart Somerville – Sloane Park Trustee

YSG’s Intruder Detection System was installed quickly, neatly and professionally. The system is very advanced and uses Video Analytics and has proactive countermeasures which prevent crimes from happening. I visited the YSG Control Centre and I was very impressed with what I can only call a World Class setup.

Saul Stiglingh – Randpark Golf Club Security Manager

YSG is always on the ball with notifying us whether it suspicious activity or cameras down on site. Since we have signed up with YSG we have not experienced another break in. We have complete peace of mind that YSG have us covered.

Shawn Deyzel – VCam

I would not hesitate to recommend the technology that YSG utilises nor would I hesitate in recommending and confirming the exceptional security monitoring service as well as the after sales service that we have experienced with YSG.

Dave Reynolds – Villa Siesta Chairperson

Clients Who Rely On YSG For Their Security Needs