Industrial Security Services

If you’re not using industrial security technology yet, it’s helpful to understand what it is and how it works.


24/7 monitoring

We never take a break from monitoring your site.


Audio Deterrent

Deter criminals before they damage property.


Rapid Dispatch

Response provider and incident reporting.

Manufacturing and industrial properties house very valuable tools, equipment, and materials that can be at risk of being vandalized or stolen. Anyone who stores inventory or assets outside knows security is a critical concern since fences, gates, and lights can only do so much.

Health and safety are also a priority in these environments and footage can be used to identify causes of accidents and as training footage to prevent reoccurrences.

Live Video Monitoring: YSG Security Solutions’s customized video surveillance solutions work in real-time, to catch events as they happen. We watch when there is activity, not just motion, using a combination of video analytics and human intelligence.

Our proactive solutions are typically 25-60% more cost-effective than traditional security guards and provide the highest possible level of security while minimizing liability.

How Industrial Sites Benefit

Industrial sites can benefit from remote surveillance of their site. This means that cameras are set up to span the entire area, and footage can be monitored from a remote location. This could be from:

  • A central commercial company office
  • Any tablet, phone, or desktop that is running the surveillance app.
  • A remote monitoring facility where agents are trained to guard your site

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