License Plate Recognition

Identify the Vehicle. Even if You Can’t See the Driver

Even when you can’t identify the driver of a car, you can still identify the vehicle with license plate recognition (LPR). LPR uses special optical software that allows you to clearly capture characters on license plates to track traffic and control entry in and out of your property, day or night.

YSG’s License Plate Recognition Camera is designed to capture the license plates of moving vehicles traveling from 40km/h in a driveway, up to 120km/h, with an accuracy level of 95%. Our LPR camera is perfect for the driveways and entranceways of any facility. With built-in IR and low light performance down to 0.002 lux, the camera can capture license plates in even the darkest environments.

The system is ideal for parking and security enforcement at apartment buildings, retail centres, office complexes, construction sites, auto dealerships and many other commercial properties. It can also enhance your customers’ experience with dateless entry options.

  • Track all visitors 24/7
  • Max recognition speed of 120km/h
  • Incorporate Deep Learning Automatic number plate recognition
  • Recognition rate of 95% or higher*
  • Up to 80m detection range (model dependant)
  • Able to capture all number plates
  • Vari-Focal Lens with WDR

The YSG Security Advantage

Traditional security systems are reactive. They typically wait for a trigger to sound an alarm and alert the Armed Response AFTER criminals are already on your property. This often results in false calls, delayed response time, and a greater opportunity for criminals to perpetrate the crime and then get away.

Traditional security systems are reactive. They typically wait for a trigger to sound an alarm and alert the Armed Response AFTER criminals are already on your property. 

IT Services For Remote Support

YSG’s IT staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Consulting And Advisory Services

Experienced YSG employees can help you design a solution to reduce and deter crime.

Audio Deterrent

YSG supervisors activate audio speakers, if installed, to deter criminals before they damage property. These are also tested on a weekly basis.

Security Partnership

We work alongside local police, your guards or staff to optimize the performance of your entire security solution.

Incident Reports

YSG delivers reports and video clips of incidents that occur on your property during office hours.


We provide comprehensive training to your team, so you are completely familiar with the use of your surveillance system.

Video analytics makes it possible to automatically filter video and detect specific activities without human intervention. When a defined event is detected, like a person approaching a fence or a vehicle stopping in a vacant parking lot, a security operator is notified. This type of capability can drastically reduce the workload of security staff, lower network bandwidth and storage requirements, and enable searches for relevant recordings to be made very quickly. Deep Learning Artificial intelligence means the software is learning its environment from the moment we switch it on. It can learn what is normal in the scene and what is unusual activity and then notify the Operator. It can also learn to differentiate between different items such as a truck, car, human, animal or even a firearm.

Key Advantages of Using Analytics:

  • Help reduce overall security costs by reducing or eliminating guard costs
  • Potentially reduce video monitoring costs by lowering the number of false alarms generated
  • Optimize operational processes by creating customized rules and scripts
  • Stop threats in advance using directional, object tracking and loitering analytics
  • Minimize investigation time with a centralized, searchable database
  • Simple installation and no need for additional hardware
  • Improve compliance requirements with advanced project management reports
  • Increase ROI using additional reporting data to improve marketing strategies

Our Solutions allow our Customers to access live feeds from their site via their PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. This allows them to check in on their premises at any time. YSG will provide assistance to load the software onto the relevant devices and train the Client in how to use the software. This will allow Customers to review any footage should they wish to, without the need to contact the YSG Team. Our Customers find this one of the best features in terms of being able to manage and audit issues with their staff during their operating hours.

Camera Health Monitoring

We built a tool that allows our analyst team to detect device issues. Whether a camera goes out or an NVR goes offline, we are able to gather that information systematically and then enable our service teams to be able to triage that issue through a scalable process. The outage of a camera to a client is a risk for them and any environmental changes (tree gets in the way of a wireless backbone device) are the key types of needs this solution can help us solve.

Protocol System

We have a full-featured protocol system that allows us to track visual and data elements about our client sites. While the people we are asked to call can be tracked in a specific batting order, that is separate information than the folks that don’t need to be near the asset to receive incident reports. Meanwhile, keeping visual maps, standard monitoring hours, guard hours, cleaning company schedule dates of service or special notes on an account (construction workers will be on site this weekend fixing the roof) are all types of information that our protocol system handles at scale.

Service System

We use this system to handle ordinary service items. They can come in from customers, from our internal resources or from our healthcheck tools. The system helps track the progress, the activity made and escalates the tickets according to the business process. Whether a client has full warranty with us or is on time and materials, this system is used to track the activity and move the issue towards resolve.

The YSG Security Advantage

Rapid Dispatch

Response Provider and incident reporting.

Gate Control

Gate entry/exit control for remote vehicle storage facilities.

Video analytics

Video evidence of where a customer is located on the property when approached by a salesperson and how much time they spend together.

Video Reports

Video evidence and reports sent to Customer.


High-definition cameras track the smallest details.

System check

Video evidence and reports to verify on-site activities.


Provide information to help enforce safety/compliance regulations.

Security Service

Customizable security service protocols & operational reporting.

24/7 Monitoring

Video review service provides an easy and cost-effective way for facility managers to investigate and document incidents.

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